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10/22/00   Added Bill Jarrell's & Edd Garrison's reunion pics to Photo Point.

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10/27/00   Added Kit Carson Scouts.

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1/4/01   Added Banner made by Bulldog and a fine job he did.

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               Australian Military web ring.

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               Added Reunion info for 2002 Sep.

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1/21/02     Added Infantryman Award from Don Romrell

3/01/02     Added link to web page made by John Lowrance

3/06/02     Thanks to Steve Shepard C Troop added Delta Troop group pic from reunion 2001

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               Also added Ken Kendricks pic tp Bill Ryerson's page.

11/22/02   Added Cliff Mahan's web page

2/06/03     Updated reunion info for 2003.

2/09/03     Added link to D Trp. Calendar created by Joe Eberhardt

4/06/03     Added Dick Jones Photo's.

9/03/03     Updated June 1969 Typhoon Magazine with comments from Ray Smith
               Added article from March 1969 Hawk Magazine thanks go to Ray Smith

9/04/03     Added article from September 1969 Hawk Mag. Thanks again to Ray Smith.

9/07/03     Added Articles from The Army Reporter dated April 1969
               And the Ivy Leaf dated April 1969. Thanks again go to Ray Smith.

9/12/03     Added picture of Memorial reef, Thanks go to Cindy Baker.

9/28/03     Added article fron Vietnam Magazine. Thanks go to Tony Hoyer.

1/18/04     Added info to Dick Jones photo's. Thanks go to Gary Schultz
               also removed the word NEW from Bob Eberhatdt's Calander Tribute.

3/21/04     Recieved E-mail from John Huncherick requesting t to remove his name from any                       pics.

4/25/04     Added info to Stars and Stripes, Thanks go to Curt DeMuth
               also added info for reunion 2004.

8/29/04     Added pictures sent in by Marge Baldenweck(mabaldenweck@comcast.net).

9/4/04     Added Don Browning's picture.

10/24/04     Added Reunion 2004 web page.

3/27/05     Updated reunion info for 2005 reunion.

9/19/05     Added Roland Wendelken Pictures.

5/7/06      Added Reunion info for 2006

10/15/06   Updated reunion info to 2007, Deleted 8 non-working URL's

8/26/07    Added 2003 reunion pics from John Toomey

8/27/07    Added pic of Suu to Kit Carson sent in by Curt Demuth.

9/2/07      Added Reunion info for 2008.

11/18/07   Added pic from Ernie Gonzales,  added link to palehorse.

1/28/08  Added ID from Curt DeMuth to Hunter and Walsh pics.

8/25.09   Added Troop Reps.

1/24/10   Added Curt DeMuth pics 5/09/10 added words to Curts pics.

7/24/13   Just got off the phone with homestead. Lost all updated from 1/24/10
              thru 7/24/13. Can not get them back. Will do my best to find what is lost.
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