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Bill Jarrell's 1968
Ray Catoe's 1968
Hank Johnson pic 1968
Ernie Gonzales 1968
Terry Swanger 1968-69
Don Browning 1968-69
Dick Jones 1968-70
Tom Baldenweck 1969-70
Frank Cipriano's 1969-70
Art Walsh's 1969-70
Curt DeMuth 1969-70
Randy Grant's 1969-70
Carl Hunter's 1969-70
Roland Wendelken 1970-71
Ralph Tsosie's 1970-71
Bill Ryerson's 1970-71
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Reunion 2003 pictures
Kit Carson Scouts
Reunion 2004 pictures

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Aug. 10th-15th 2016 Reunion Info.
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Cliff Mahan Pics 1969-70
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7/17th association Reps.
Joe Wirth
Art Walsh